April 5, 2013

How Red?...Tulip Red!

Spring is here! And I cannot feel more inspired by just seing all the beautiful colors of the blooming flowers, feeling the spring breeze and enjoying a beautiful sunny and warm day! Spring is one of my favorite seasons! I think after a long and white winter you really appreciate more the colors of Spring.

So, last week while doing some shopping at the grocery store, some beautiful red tulips caught my attention. The color was so vivid that inspired me to create the same flower. Back home, I started dying my cold porcelain paste, and after various attempts (really various!) I achieved the same vivid red of the tulip I saw :) (hooray for me!). For the ones you are not familiarized on dying cold porcelain, there are some colors (like browns and reds) that are hard to achieve.

Also I made some white tulips with red hints. Here are the pictures of my cold porcelain tulips:

Did you know that tulips have different meanings like love, purity, innocence but also symbolize a new beginning? Tulips will add a lot of meaning to your wedding and if you are looking for a special gift, tulips will be a great way to express admiration and love.

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