September 10, 2012

Going International!

This summer has been very busy and fun for me, orders for weddings are -by far- what I have been working on the most. But a few weeks ago something new and exciting came with an order request... and that was for the flowers to be shipped to Australia!!!

So YES, it is now official, Cold Porcelain Art is now international! J

You see, when I started this blog, my first posting titled “Blogging World… Here I come!” talked about how I never imagined being blogging. Well, after just over a year, and incorporating Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Etsy into the mix, you can probably understand why I consider this to be a milestone. Online “global reach” has a new and real meaning to me!

This client’s request was to create red and pink poppies, green hydrangeas, white gardenias and white dogwood flowers. I had so much fun creating them, specially the red/black contrast obtained with the poppies, definitely an eye catcher! Here is a picture of the red poppy and white gardenias.

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