October 8, 2013

Be creative...Cold Porcelain Clay is here!

I see big smiles on many of my students already and clients too! Yes, this is what many of you were waiting for and here it is!

I am so excited to present my own Cold Porcelain Art Clay!  Finally, after a long journey of finding and trying different ingredients for better preservation and long lasting paste, and the long hours put by my dear hubby in creating and designing the perfect labeling, packaging, etc. Cold Porcelain Art launches its own Clay!

As the history of my Cold Porcelain Art creations tell, it's all about perfection, detail and inspiration that brings a unique piece of art to life... and yes, the right clay. That is why my clay is prepared with the right ingredients that provides the smoothest and most malleable Cold Porcelain Art clay.
You can find my clay at my Etsy Shop. Please check it out!

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Now, let’s get creative!!

July 31, 2013

Keeping a Wedding Moment Alive and more...

What a busy months a had!!! I've been away too long but I'm back! Let me tell you what I've been doing...

I had a client who contacted me to create a replica of her bouquet. She had a destination wedding last year and wanted to keep her bouquet but because her flowers couldn't last enough to be preserved she had to thrown it away. (a heartbreaking moment!!)

So she asked me if I could recreate some of the flowers to be part of a shadowbox. After sending me some pictures of her beautiful bouquet I started making a replica of it, which consists of two tone red roses, orange roses, yellow calla lilies and some fillers as hypericum berries. The two tone roses were created using a new techniques to achieve this amazingly real look!

Here are some pictures of the two tone roses and of the arrangement:

Besides some orders I had the opportunity to teach at one-week Art Camp. It was intense and amazing! I taught kids some cool projects at two workshops, one for Cold Porcelain and the other for Clay Workshop. Here are some pictures of their work:
I had a lot of fun looking at kids creating some amazing things!
Now, I am back to work again, making an orchid plant and some succulents. More pictures to come.
Enjoy the rest of your summer!

April 5, 2013

How Red?...Tulip Red!

Spring is here! And I cannot feel more inspired by just seing all the beautiful colors of the blooming flowers, feeling the spring breeze and enjoying a beautiful sunny and warm day! Spring is one of my favorite seasons! I think after a long and white winter you really appreciate more the colors of Spring.

So, last week while doing some shopping at the grocery store, some beautiful red tulips caught my attention. The color was so vivid that inspired me to create the same flower. Back home, I started dying my cold porcelain paste, and after various attempts (really various!) I achieved the same vivid red of the tulip I saw :) (hooray for me!). For the ones you are not familiarized on dying cold porcelain, there are some colors (like browns and reds) that are hard to achieve.

Also I made some white tulips with red hints. Here are the pictures of my cold porcelain tulips:

Did you know that tulips have different meanings like love, purity, innocence but also symbolize a new beginning? Tulips will add a lot of meaning to your wedding and if you are looking for a special gift, tulips will be a great way to express admiration and love.

Check out my Etsy Store for the new tulips listings. I have great ideas for weddings, gifts for any occassion including for MOM :) and much more!

March 28, 2013

Can I buy single flowers?

Of course!!!! This past week I've been working on a custom order for a very nice client. She asked me if she could buy single flowers. She needed two miniature hydrangeas and a single pink flower.

Knowing the dimensions and colors I can create almost anything :) So I started working on the 2 inches mini flowers. I made a white one and a pink one with yellow hints, they looked lovely!
Creating mini flowers take a lot of patience and detail, but the finished flower is a stunning piece of art!

These will look great in a small vase. Now the flowers are on her way! :)
Please check out more at my Etsy Store.

March 13, 2013

Wedding Bouquets and Peony Cake Topper

A had a very exciting and productive week! I've been working on wedding bouquets and a cake topper for a wedding.
My cold porcelain flowers bouquets are a favorite among brides who love to keep their bouquet as a keepsake and I can not agree more! It will bring beautiful memories of her special day for life!! Another reason why brides choose cold porcelain bouquets is that brides love flowers that are off season or can not be found locally. With cold porcelain is easy to create any flower in any color, shape and size. Here are some of my cold porcelain bouquets:

The cake topper that I've been working on is a beautiful peony with dogwood flowers around it and cherry blossoms. This cake topper was a favorite for the brides-to-be at one of the Bridal Shows I participated. Well, one of the brides contacted me to recreate the same cake topper for her wedding this coming April. She requested the same size with extra peonies for side decorations.


After creating my bouquets and shipped the cake topper I uploaded new listings on my Etsy Store What a busy, busy week! And now, ready for Spring!!!

January 28, 2013

Valentine's Day Gifts

Hello! Are you ready for Valentine's Day? Here are some ideas....


The flower is placed on an oval shaped wood base and the petal can be personalize.
Valentine's Day is a perfect occassion to show your love, appreciation or admiration to someone.

Perfect with something unique that will last FOREVER! Please visit my shop to get more ideas!