November 1, 2012

New Listing on Etsy: Succulents

Have you ever noticed how beautiful a Succulent is? Succulents are also called organic beauties and they are becoming more and more popular not only for weddings but also for decorations like centerpieces.
So recently I met a baker and she asked me to create some succulent flowers to decorate a cake she has planned to put on a window on her shop. So I stopped at my local floral store and saw a variety of them, but there was one in particular that stunned me! I came home and started to work on my first succulent flower. To be honest, the first one did not look like a succulent at all! So the second try came out better, working more on the edges and then finishing with a touch of color. Here are the pictures:

Check more pictures at my Etsy Store! The new listing is up, you can order as a set of three or you can email for a custom order.

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