October 8, 2013

Be creative...Cold Porcelain Clay is here!

I see big smiles on many of my students already and clients too! Yes, this is what many of you were waiting for and here it is!

I am so excited to present my own Cold Porcelain Art Clay!  Finally, after a long journey of finding and trying different ingredients for better preservation and long lasting paste, and the long hours put by my dear hubby in creating and designing the perfect labeling, packaging, etc. Cold Porcelain Art launches its own Clay!

As the history of my Cold Porcelain Art creations tell, it's all about perfection, detail and inspiration that brings a unique piece of art to life... and yes, the right clay. That is why my clay is prepared with the right ingredients that provides the smoothest and most malleable Cold Porcelain Art clay.
You can find my clay at my Etsy Shop. Please check it out!

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Now, let’s get creative!!

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