May 6, 2011

My Mom’s favorite flower: Magnolias

I grew up watching my Mom taking care of this beautiful magnolia tree we had in the backyard of our house. I remember her constantly cherishing its beauty and exquisite splendor. This is how my passion for flowers is born, this is where my journey beings.
Since Sunday is Mother’s Day I want to dedicate this post to my Mom, my inspiration. That’s why I chose her favorite flower which stands for nobility, perseverance and love for nature. Magnolia flowers also symbolize feminine sweetness and beauty. In addition, magnolia flowers reflect tenacity…all the virtues that define my Mom!
The magnolia flower inspires beauty and adds a unique touch of elegance to a wedding. With this in mind is that one of my most recent brides-to-be chose The Magnolia Collection (pictures below); she was delighted with the flowers and the colors, and I was extremely motivated creating these floral arrangements. The bouquet is a cascade of magnolias with ivy leaves which symbolize strong and lasting unification. The wedding cake topper consisted of three large magnolia flowers that took center stage accompanied by a smaller one.
Wishing all the Moms a Happy Mother’s Day!
And to you Mom: Thank you for planting this special seed in my heart that gave me the passion for this Art! Te amo mucho!

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