September 1, 2011

A milestone for Cold Porcelain Art

I know that I have been absent from my blog for the past month, but I have been working on great things (of course, my orders) for Cold Porcelain Art.

Well, let me start:
As many of you know I opened my Etsy Shop, where currently you can purchase great flower gifts for any special occasion. Currently there is 7 flower arrangements to choose from and more to come. Here are the ones that had been featured on Etsylush (It’s a website that promotes the best of

Another important step for Cold Porcelain Art is that now a mobile version site is available. Yeah! Thanks so much to my hubby who built a great site, helping my customers access my shop from their phones and ipads. Since it went live just a couple of weeks ago the traffic has been a success! I knew that a mobile site is pretty much a must nowadays, what I did not know is that there are so many brides-to-be (and wedding planers :D) on the go.    
And the last one is that I am preparing for my next Bridal Show, so stay tuned for the event details…

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