November 20, 2011

What is Cold Porcelain?

At every show people stop to admire my cold porcelain flowers and ask me: “Are these real?” It is not after touching them that they realize that they are not! My answer: my passion is to achieve realism with cold porcelain.

But what is cold porcelain?
Called Cold Porcelain mainly because the compounds don’t require being heated or baked like traditional porcelain as it air-dries. Its characteristics provide a smooth and extremely malleable texture that can be sculpted into any shape you can imagine and then air-dried; allowing artists to design and replicate nature with amazing lifelike detail.
Other great advantages of Cold Porcelain are that it is very durable, light-weight, and it can be colored, texturized and easily combined with many kinds of materials, therefore achieving realistic and beautiful details with smooth finishes like no other clay.
Cold Porcelain enables fine art that with the right care can last a lifetime.
What does cold porcelain mean to me?

My passion! It all started several years ago in Bolivia, where I am from and where for the past few decades this art has evolved into precise methods that taught me from how to prepare my own Cold Porcelain clay to mastering many different techniques of working with it.
I fell in love with Cold Porcelain and the art of replicating flowers at my first training class, since then I have not stopped creating lifelike floral arrangements and learning new techniques that take full advantage of the versatility that Cold Porcelain clay allows.
It is through this art of modeling and uniqueness of Cold Porcelain that I can fully express my passion and admiration for nature.

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