March 13, 2013

Wedding Bouquets and Peony Cake Topper

A had a very exciting and productive week! I've been working on wedding bouquets and a cake topper for a wedding.
My cold porcelain flowers bouquets are a favorite among brides who love to keep their bouquet as a keepsake and I can not agree more! It will bring beautiful memories of her special day for life!! Another reason why brides choose cold porcelain bouquets is that brides love flowers that are off season or can not be found locally. With cold porcelain is easy to create any flower in any color, shape and size. Here are some of my cold porcelain bouquets:

The cake topper that I've been working on is a beautiful peony with dogwood flowers around it and cherry blossoms. This cake topper was a favorite for the brides-to-be at one of the Bridal Shows I participated. Well, one of the brides contacted me to recreate the same cake topper for her wedding this coming April. She requested the same size with extra peonies for side decorations.


After creating my bouquets and shipped the cake topper I uploaded new listings on my Etsy Store What a busy, busy week! And now, ready for Spring!!!

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